"Every culture has it's own religious heritage and Philippines has a very rich and diverse one that we have never appreciated and it is dying slowly"

Let us stay united and together we can make it beautiful again. Be a part of PFI Philippines!

Who We Are

Pagan Federation International is composed of active pagans, many of whom are professionals, in different sections of society. They are willing to be a part of a large community of pagans who help promote, support, and protect the community of pagans around the world.

Our Mission

Pagan Federation International is a campaigning organization aimed at networking like-minded individuals that will fight against ignorance and negative attitudes towards paganism and make it possible to have a more proactive and visible celebration of Paganism.

What We Do

Pagan Federation International is active on Internet, holds events, activities, pub moots and other gatherings to provide information on paganism. As a campaigning and activist organisation PFI works to inform the media and where necessary to provide  correction information to other official bodies and the greater community.

Become a member of PFI

By becoming a member, you will enjoy discounts at PFI affiliated events and establishments. You will also have access to members only sections such as the Pagan World. Most of all you can help support the organization and enable it to continue with its mission.

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Welcome to Pagan Federation International Philippines!

Welcome to Pagan Federation International Philippines! Pagan Federation International...

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